Thursday, May 15, 2008

Toy Surprise!

Look at this beautiful train table we got today! It has lots of tracks, people, trees, a depot, and even a church. It even has storage drawers for the pieces.
I think it was supposed to be for the youngest, but the oldest seems to like it more right now. You can see him searching through the bag for more treasures.

The little one was very happy with the Tickle Me Elmo, and other stuffed animals. He loves that they talk to him!
We are thankful my cousin thought of us, when she wanted to get rid of it. My children will enjoy it for a long time to come!


Alli said...

They look like they're having fun with the new toys. Escepicially the little one.

See ya'll later!


Amanda said...

thanks for coming by to visit my blog. like you, i am learning the money saving ropes...and how fun that our little ones share the same birthday! i'll definitley be popping back by to visit!