Monday, June 9, 2008

Beating the heat

Boy has it been hot here lately! I think it's been about 100 degrees everyday the last week. Can't wait for a cool down. Heck, 90 sounds downright cool!

Anyway, I have been looking around the blogs and seeing some of you playing in your nice pools. I have not been coveting any of your pools, by the way ;-). Well, I have been trying not to anyway!

So, since we can't have a big pool, I promised my oldest a pool, so this was what we got him: an 18" deep pool. Now, he's 11, so that's not really that big for him. But he can get wet and cool off!

But, at church, he kept saying how he couldn't wait to get home and go swimming. His teacher just assumed we had at least a 4 foot pool. When she found out it was only 1 1/2 feet, she almost died laughing! I think that reaffirmed just how strange my son can be.

But, at least this little pool made him happy for the time being. The baby liked it too!


Rachelle said...

Hi Nancy-

Thank you for visting my blog. You have a very nice blog. And yes I am coventing your pool today.!! It is almost 100 here and no pool. Got a sprinkler! try telling 9 kids to share. Is there a way I can "talk" to you with out taking up all your comment space? Have a nice "cool" day.

Barb J. said...

Coveting, coveting. We are not allowed to fill pools (because of the drought).

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please come back often.

I really really really want a pool! I don't even care if it's a kiddie pool even though I don't have any kids. Oh wait, I do have kids, my dogs!

Amanda said...

love this post! inspires me to drag our pool out and fill it up this afternoon!

Jodi said...

We have a little pool like this one, too. I try to remind myself that it's better than the upkeep and cost of a "real" pool! (Sometimes this works...)

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Water is water ... no matter how deep. We can't afford a big pool so I am thinking about buying one of those little ones for my son and I to relax in too! I think it looks great!