Monday, June 23, 2008


Since one of our cars is broke, I didn't get to go to CVS last week. But while we were out yesterday, my hubby said he needed to go to the next town over. I was excited because that's where our CVS is! I didn't have all the coupons I needed with me, but I did have a few of my ECB's. So, I had to make do with what I had, and come up with a plan. Here's what I got minus the candy that is missing from the picture:

3 pks Charmin Ultra 12 rolls $17.97
2 CVS cotton swabs w/travel case $6.38
1 16 pk Duracell AA batteries $11.99
1 Reeses $.79

Total was around $40

-(2) 2.00 CVS skin care coupons
-2.50 Duracell peelie coupon
-19.99 ECB's

=$11.64 oop


$4.00 CVS cotton swabs ECB
$10.00 Charmin/Duracell ECB


Rachelle said...

Good Job ! you still did good even through you didn't have all your coupons. I am doing the T.P. deal this week. We always need that! Have a wonderful week

Jodi said...

Ooh, good job! Especially without coupons! I have got to get to CVS this week...