Friday, June 6, 2008

Meet our New Family

Yesterday we went and picked up a new family to live with us. We got a family of Polish Chickens. The rooster is a golden laced Polish. He has one white hen, one silver laced hen, and two golden laced hens. They are about a year old, so we will be getting eggs from them now. I'm very excited!

We already have some chickens who are about 13 weeks old. There are 4 roosters and 15 hens that we raised since they were days old. The new rooster has been challenging the other young roosters. Earlier today, I was kinda scared he was going to hurt them. But I went out there a few minutes ago, and everything seemed calm.

We now have 24 chickens! What in the world am I gonna do with that many chickens? I definitely know my hubby is going to have to build some more pens and runs. I just hope everyone can get along until then.


DD said...

Why'd the chicken cross the road???

:) Sorry, I couldnt resist!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

I would be excited too! They're beauties!