Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good News, Bad News

For those of you who wanted an update on the guinea who was injured, she's better. A few days ago we put her back outside with her guinea friends, and she seems to be doing fine. So thanks for all the suggestions!

And for the bad news, one of the chickens died yesterday. And not just any chicken, but my oldest sons favorite chicken. His name was KO Joe and he was a Speckled Sussex rooster. KO Joe was still a young roo, but he was starting to be really gorgeous. My son was quite upset.

So yesterday in the 102 degree heat, we took turns digging a grave for KO Joe. We have only lived here for about 10 months, but we already have 5 graves here. I think there is something seriously wrong with this picture. That's like one grave every other month. What am I doing wrong?

I went to the Feed & Seed and got some antibiotics, just in case, for the rest of the flock. I guess it was the heat? I don't really know. We lost a hen a few months back when it was in the 100's. My son is already heartbroken over his loss. I feel so bad. I wish it had been one of my chickens, instead of his. Does anyone have any advice?


Barb J. said...

Tell Mitchell I am so sorry about KO Joe! He was so pretty!

Maybe electrolytes instead of antibiotics would be better? I've heard a lot of people say they give electrolytes during the summer months when it is so hot.

The Happy Housewife said...

That is odd about your chickens. Most of my friends lose their chickens to animals...but they don't live in warm climates...


Jodi said...

I'm sorry about the chicken. I used to get attached to the ones we had,too.

I don't have any real advice, as we only raised chickens for a year or two when I was a kid and I honestly don't remember much about it. But I do live in South Georgia, and we lost several during the summer. It might be the heat! Do you have a county extension or ag service that might have some more info?

Candace said...

Probably the heat, esp if the rest of the flock looks healthy. I read heat above 105 kills chickens. The best you can do is provide shade and refresh their water so it is always cool. sorry to hear.