Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Almost every year my oldest son and I buy one of those cups from Walmart to grow something. Every year we end up killing the poor plants before they can make it outside. I seriously have a black thumb!

This year we were so optimistic, we bought 2 cups. One was a watermelon plant, and the other was a sunflower. I am happy to say both made it outside. I guess since I don't work anymore, I was able to pay better attention to them.

My son took these pictures for me to put on my blog. In the first, you can see a close-up of the flower, there is a bee on it. This sunflower is about 5 feet tall.
Mitchell also wanted y'all to see this picture. He said the sunflower is watching over the watermelons.
You probably can't tell from this picture what is what. But, the watermelons are on the left of the picture. Before we moved down here, our land was farmed, and the soy bean plants keep popping up. They are trying to take over everything. I know I need to "weed" them. It's just been so hot, I hadn't wanted to go out there.
Do sunflowers come back year after year?


Jodi said...

The soybeans made me laugh. As a kid, we built a house on a former soybean-farmed area. 20 years later, soy bean plants are *still* showing up! We did plant a lot of other stuff, like trees and flowers, and that seemed to get rid of them the best.

I don't know if sunflowers come back. :) Yours is pretty.

Anonymous said...

Your sunflower is beautiful Nancy. If you don't harvest the seeds, you might get volunteer sunflower plants next year. I have had sunflowers grow from birdseed which fell on the ground!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to add: if you harvest the seeds, you can save a few to plant next year too!


Farmhouse Blessings said...

Your sunflower is sooo pretty! None of mine came up this year. Of course, I planted them in the shade ... not a good idea.

Aren't they just the happiest looking flower?