Thursday, July 17, 2008

What happened?

What happened to my sweet little baby. He had been so good lately. He would wake up happy and stay that way most of the day.

Well that stopped on Sunday. Ever since then he has been crying, whining, and just mad at everything. Nothing seems to make him happy for more than a minute or two. I take that back, he has been happy at Bible school. But, I think that's cause there is always something to see, or someone to keep him entertained. Maybe he is just tired of his mommy.

I don't see any more teeth coming in yet. How many should he have by now (11 months)? What else could be causing him to be so fussy this week? Boy does he let you know when he is not happy. If he's not happy, then nobody is! Anyone have any ideas to help me? I want my sweet little angel back!


Rachelle said...

Hi Nancy-

Did you have his ears checked. Is he eating food yet? Maybe something he tried is making him fussy and when was his last B.M. These are a few of the things I check for first! It can be trying when they are so cranky. Hope you have a better week.