Friday, August 8, 2008

Let them be free

My how the guineas have grown. They are now 3 months old. Look at the difference. In the first picture they were about a month old.

This was taken a few days ago.

We have been letting a couple out at a time, so they would learn to stay around. They would stay out for a few hours grazing, and then go back in their pen.

A couple of days ago we propped their door open. They cautiously came to the door peeking out. A couple ventured outside. They stayed close to the door, kind of scared to go too far. After a few minutes, the rest of the group came out. They enjoyed eating the soybeans, grass, and *hopefully* fire ants.

We went back out there around sunset to check on them. They were all roosting on top of either their pen or the chicken coop. Evidently, that is where they wanted to spend the night. We had wanted them to go back in their pen at night, but couldn't really force them to.

I was afraid they wouldn't be there in the morning. I thought maybe they would fly away or a predator might get them. Do guineas sleep as soundly as chickens. It's easy to sneak up on a chicken at night and kill them. But, I'm not sure about the guineas. But there they were, back in their pen.

They aren't quite as pretty as they were when they were keets, but they kind of grown on you.


Rachelle said...

ok I am no farmer but, how are these different then chickens?? do they lay eggs, are they in the chicken family?? Sorry I have no clue!! My husband wants to get some chickens, I think I am in trouble!!! Guess I need to get a book on them! Any way just wanted to let you know I am having a free give away over on my blog! Thought you might want to get in on it! Have a nice night.
Rachelle @ Mama's Little Bears

Rockin' Mama said... cool! I live in Southern California so we don't see that kind of thing at all...

BTW...I like your camera...