Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check out this small egg

We saw Daredevil on the nest the other day. She is our Easter Egger hen that lays blue eggs. If you will remember her first egg was a double yolked egg. Her eggs after that were not quite that big. I guess you could say her eggs have been fairly the same size. So when my oldest son brought in this tiny blue egg. I thought he had a blue bird's egg or something. Compared to the other egg he brought in that day, it was tiny.

Above, I put it beside of a regular sized blue egg we got the day before. See how small it looks in comparison? That's a pretty big difference in size for the same chicken to have laid it. Does anyone know why that would happen? In the picture below I put some AA batteries beside the eggs to show the size. Guess I should have found a ruler, huh?


Barb J. said...

I think that when they first start laying their hormones are all out of whack or something. That's how you get extra yolks, etc. They just aren't conistant yet.

Anonymous said...

You know, I've developed a fascination with chickens because of your egg pictures. I really want to get some now, but I don't think my neighbors would approve.

Rachelle said...

To funny !! Maybe she needs to sit next the chicken that lays the big eggs! Well maybe she is just making eggs for your little guy :-)

Song of the South said...

You must have some pullets just beginning to lay. I call the small ones "practise eggs". They are so precious. It is so wonderful to see people that think chickens are delightful just like me. I can't have chickens right now because I think my neighbors would be up in arms. LOL I buy them from a nice lady I know who is willing to share her bounty.

Beeb said...

A tiny blue egg! How cute, I love that your hen lays "Easter Eggs".

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