Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chicken and Guinea Eggs

Look at all those pretty eggs. My hens have been laying for two months now. We have gotten 140 eggs from them so far. Here lately we are getting about 4 eggs a day on average.

We have 15 hens that may be laying. I say may be because I haven't caught any of the Speckled Sussex, Golden Laced Wyandotte, or the Partridge Cochins on the nest yet. They may be laying, but I just don't see them.

I think my best egg layers are my Auracana/Americanas. We call them Easter eggers, cause they lay blue or blue/green eggs. We have two EE's and we get an egg a day from each of them. My top-hatters (who lay white eggs) have stopped laying altogether, so I don't count the eggs I get from them.

On another note, my guinea hen finally gave up on her eggs. I guess she figured out they weren't any good. I hope she makes it through the winter, so she can try and have keets again. I would love to have some more guineas.

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Farmhouse Blessings said...

How exciting! You just can't beat those home layed eggs, can you? I have got to get a little coop built for my girls or I just know I'll be bringing them in at night. Well, not really, but maybe the attic!


Angelena said...

I miss my chickens! A big mama fox got into my coop a few years back and we haven't replaced them yet.

Sadge said...

Most of my hens are molting - they look so scruffy. All of Auracanas are, so no green eggs at all. We're down to 1-3 eggs a day, from the young ones (RI Reds and Plymouth Rocks) hatched out this Spring.

We gave away 21 keets this summer, clutches from our two guinea hens.

Anonymous said...

Those eggs are so beautiful! I love the blue-green ones. I never knew chickens could lay eggs like that!

Gwen said...

very nice, I have four hens and only two of them are laying so far. I am thrilled finding every egg, lol it never seems to get old!