Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chickens, dogs, cats, and legos

On Saturday, as if I didn't have enough going on with my House Party, I ended up having all kinds of drama going on. First I want to show you a couple pictures of Doe, a beautiful Easter Egger rooster Barb and her husband gave me. Isn't he gorgeous?

While we were out looking at my chickens, I noticed some hunting dogs running across our land. So I yelled to everyone to watch out for my chickens who were free-ranging at the time. There were 3 dogs and 3 of us outside at the time, so I thought we could handle it. My friend Barb ran around flailing her arms at the dogs. It was a little funny, sorry Barb! My husband was working on her car when I saw one of the dogs going after one of my chickens and I yelled. He threw the wrench he was working with, and hasn't been able to find it since. He came running while Barb was still running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I ran after the dog and grabbed it by the collar because it already had my hen in it's mouth. My poor Red Comb lost all but 2 of her tail feathers. But, she was okay physically, thank goodness. I called the dog's owner and he came and apologized and picked the dog up. I didn't think to get a picture of the dog's feather filled mouth, but this is my hen afterward.

After that we were standing outside talking when we heard my poor cat being attacked. Her name is Peaches and she just took up at our house about a month after we moved here. Anyway we all ran to find her being attacked by an evil black cat. Peaches was way up in the tree waiting on my husband to help her down. When he did I realized the black cat must have clawed her tail when she was climbing the tree, because she was bleeding. Poor Peaches, she's my sweet girl. She's okay now, if that black cat keeps coming back he might not be.

The last thing wasn't really stressful, well maybe a little. When I realized I actually have 5 roosters and only 15 hens, we decided to got to the auction to get more hens. To me, the auction is a little scary because of the way they fling the animals around when they are showing them off and the whole bidding thing. So my friend did the bidding for me. I really wanted the pretty pheasants, rabbits, and more guineas. But I held out for what I really needed - some more hens. He pulled one out of a box and held it up and said there were 5 total in the box. They were Brahma pullets just like I wanted. After the auction was over and we picked them up we realized there was a pretty big difference in the sizes of the pullets. I just assumed (and you know what they say about assume) that they would all be the same size and age. Look at this picture of them and tell me if you think they are all the same age. One is just so much smaller than the others.

And this picture is for my son. His Lego creation.


Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh Nancy, I am so glad your hen survived the dog attack. I have lost another duck to either coyote or bobcat this past week. Your new chickens look so pretty. Enjoy them! blessings, Kathleen

Paula said...

I love the new chickies!! They are so pretty.
I'm glad you were able to rescue everybody- nothing makes me mad like losong one of my birds to a stray dog.
Sounds like you've had an exciting week!!

Amanda said...

glad everyone ended up okay! :) it sure has been an eventful week for you! :)