Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My roosters

I don't know if y'all have met all my roosters or not, so I thought I would introduce them to you. I have a total of 5 roosters. Three of them were given to me, and the other 2 we have raised since they were a couple days old.

This is Napoleon. He's a Golden Polish, or top hatter as we call him. He was given to me by my friend Barb.

Next up is Doe, as in John Doe. He's an Araucana/Americana or Easter Egger rooster. He also lived with Barb until he started crowing all the time and attacking her 5 year old. Crazy rooster spurred me this morning! He sure is beautiful though. We hope to breed him with our other Easter Eggers in the spring.

This is Kid Rock. Yes, I named him after the singer. That's because when he first arrived he tried to fight everyone else. Kid Rock is a gorgeous Partridge Cochin roo. I love the way his colors shimmer in the light.

Then there's the twins, Prince and George. They are Buff Orpingtons. We've had them since they were a few days old. Aren't they gorgeous too? Here lately it is getting harder to tell them apart, but I can, cause Prince is my favorite. George is the one in the front of the picture. Don't tell the other ones about Prince being my favorite, their feelings might get hurt.

Prince was posing so much for pictures this morning, that I just have to include one of him by himself too!

Okay, maybe 1 more. He is my baby!


Angelena said...

Nancy- they are some beautiful guys you have there. I miss my chickens. Hubby is supposed to build me another coop this spring- so hopefully I will have some ladies and gents this spring.

Shannon said...

Where are the chickens? Do you keep the eggs to eat or are the roosters in there all the time for babies? We had two roosters someone threw out a few years back. They flogged everyone in sight. I hated those things. We are going to get chickens soon, but only for the eggs so no roosters here, lol.

Nancy M. said...

Hey Shannon! Thanks for visiting! The chickens free-range during the day, and we lock them up in the coop at night since we have predators here. We eat a lot of the eggs we get and give some away. We aren't trying for babies yet, hopefully in the spring!

Paula said...

I think they are all very handsome!!