Monday, December 22, 2008

Unexpected surprise

This morning while I was going to crank my husband's truck for him, I did something stupid. I somehow hit the button to lock it up. With the only set of keys we have for it in it! He tried to jimmy the lock to get it open, but couldn't. Luckily we have AAA. It did take them a while to get out in the country where we live, but eventually we got it open.

This made my husband late for work. While waiting on the locksmith, his boss called back, and told him not to come in. They said it was too cold (he works outside), so they were just going to take the whole week off instead of half. So, we have Daddy home with us all this week. He deserves a rest after all the work we did this weekend. I'll show you tomorrow what we did. But for now, we're going to watch a movie together. :-)


Amanda said...

hooray...what a nice surprise to have your husband home...and don't feel too badly...when elizabeth was 16 or 17 months old i accidently hit the lock button and locked her and the keys in the car at target! oops!

Nancy said...

Yeah!! Maybe you should try locking his keys in the truck more often ;) LOL!