Thursday, January 8, 2009

Help Henny Penny

Back in December we had a hen go broody. In case you don't know, that's when she wants to set on eggs and become a mommy hen. Her name is Henny Penny. She fluffs up like a turkey whenever you come near her. She's really a very sweet hen. She lets me check her eggs with only a little grumbling.

I'm worried, though, because eggs are supposed to hatch on day 21. Well, that was yesterday. I saw her off the nest this morning, so I went to check. She saw me at the same time, so we raced to her nest to see who could get there first. It was kind of funny! I don't know how, but I beat her.

I checked the eggs, and none of them were pipped. Do you think there is any hope for her eggs? I feel so bad, she's worked so hard to try and have biddies. I would be happy if only a couple hatched. If they don't hatch, do you think she'll try again? I know, she probably had too many eggs under her, I think the other girls would lay more eggs in her nest when she got up to eat. Should I have taken her away and put her by herself? Any advice from fellow chicken owners would be appreciated.


Shannon said...

My mom was raised on a chicken farm, they sold eggs all over the county at one time. I'll ask her and my aunt for you. But I was wondering why her eggs are different colors.... don't they either have brown or white eggs?

Tatersmama said...

I think they can take 21-23 days, so maybe you don't need to worry yet.
I've been watching a blog (I can't find the darn thing!) where a woman is hatching out a huge amount of eggs and things are running a little slow for her too.. but they ARE hatching.

Hopefully Shannon can give you an answer, but in the meantime, I'll keep looking for that blog!

Nancy M. said...

Shannon, she is sitting on eggs from all of our hens, not just her own. She has brown, white, and blue/green eggs. The blue/green are from my Easter Egger hens. I really would love to have those hatch. Thanks for trying to help!


Hey! Thanks for visting my blog! Enjoyed your postings about the Hen....

But sorry, I can't help you out about why the eggs have not hatched yet....I know nothing about that!

Come visit my blog anytime!
Have a great day!

Tatersmama said...

YAY! I found the blog I was looking for!
Maybe you could check her out or email her and she can give you some more info....

I've been stressin' about your biddies, so keep us updated. :o)