Friday, February 13, 2009

Tracking a Killer

*******Warning:This post may contain disturbing images*******

I think I may have found my killer! No, I haven't been able to shoot him yet, and I stress the word yet. If y'all thought I was mad on Monday, you ain't seen nothing yet! I am so mad now it took me 2 days to write this post. I only have 4 guineas left!

When my son went out Wednesday morning, he noticed a bunch of feathers. I was praying it wasn't what I knew it was. It was one of my beautiful guinea's feathers. We looked in the field and saw another pile of feathers. We walked over and saw feet. Both of my guinea's feet were in that pile of feathers. I felt so sick! And angry!

After trying to calm down, we tried to piece together what happened. We looked at the run where it happened. The guineas roost on top of the chicken run and there was a pile of feathers there too. I believe something jumped up (over 6 feet) and grabbed it, then took it in the field and ate it. That just makes me sick saying that!

My son was tracking and found something else disturbing. I think it used to be part of the wattles of the guinea. The picture is blurry, be thankful, you can't see it that good.

After finding these tracks, I have to agree with Southern Grits & Tidbits. She said it could be a coyote, and I believe these tracks prove that it probably was.

Here is a picture of a coyote. In some states, they pay you to kill them. I wish SC was one of them, cause if I get a chance, it will be dead. They all will.


Jodi said...

Please be careful, Nancy. My friend was just attacked (in her yard) by a rabid coyote. She had 30 bites. That said, I'd be mad, too! I've had them kill my dogs before. In GA, you can hire a trapper to kill them for you (I'm pretty sure you can kill them yourself, too.)
If you want a donkey for any reason, they will keep them away. Not sure why, but it works.

Tatersmama said...

Is there any chance of getting a trapper in? I'm sure you could kill it if you saw it, but maybe a trapper could get the job done before any more of your sweet Guineas go missing?
Call your county or state offices and ask them. It usually doesn't cost you a thing.

Angelena said...

I hope you get him before too long. I had a den of foxes move in on my chickens a few years back - a momma and her babies and killed everyone of my chickens before I got to her.

Good luck!!

Jodi said...

Hey Nancy,
Yeah, my friend is okay now, but she's not healing well with the bites and she has to have rabies shots. I wasn't trying to scare you! :) I just don't want you to get hurt! My friend was trying to protect her dog and the coyote attacked. Just be careful with your kids out in the yard. They normally stay away from people unless they're rabid.


Oh, my gosh!! I am so sorry that your guineas are being attacked!

And you make me think of my older sister who when she hears their outside dogs barking, she grabs her gun and heads outside to see what's going on!! If if need be, she'd use it too!


Michelle said...

oh that's terrible! I'm so sorry!

Mommie Daze said...

Oh, that's terrible! I'm so sorry. I hope you get what ever it is.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Nancy, I know the desperate feelings, when I had chickens in NJ ..neighborhood dogs got to them.
Some of the neighbors paid for the damage, but my chickens I raised from biddies were also killed my spirit..
No difference between a dog or coyote killing chickens...can you close them up at night? good luck and keep that gun handy..Ginny

Tipper said...

Coyotes are really bad here (NC) they killed one of the best dogs we ever had-Wilma. And it's almost impossible to have chickens here. I've heard the local cattle ranch actually hires folks to kill them. But coyotes are hard to hung-since they mostly come out at night. Sorry about your loss.