Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Chicken Run

Ever since the chicken massacre last month, my poor chickens have been confined to their coop and small covered run. They haven't been able to venture out in the yard anymore because I couldn't take it if more of them were killed. And boy have they been mad at me! They were used to free-ranging from morning till night. They didn't understand why I was being mean and not letting them out anymore.

This weekend we finally got around to building them a new run. This one is about 4 times as big as their old one. It's basically just a fenced in area where they can be safe and have more room. Right now there is plenty of grass in there, but I am sure they will take care of that for me, lol!

They were so happy when we finally finished and opened the door to their new run. They can bask in the sun again, scratch in the grass, and just have tons more room to run around. The hens seemed especially happy to have more room. Probably so they could get away from the roosters! It's so wonderful for them to have the room they need now. I still wish they could free-range, but I can't take that heartache again.

This is George, he was hurt in the attack and lost all his tail feathers. They are starting to grow back and his "little" tail is so cute!


Mommie Daze said...

I'm glad your chickens can roam around again, safe from all those wild animals.

Tipper said...

Your chicks are so pretty! Bet they did enjoy the extra room!

Anonymous said...

I know they appreciate all your hard work - it's nice that they have more room to enjoy now.
Your blog page is adorable Nancy!

Gina said...

They sure do look happy in their new digs! And yep, I'm guessing that grass won't last long...but it'll be fun for them in the meantime!

Paula said...

That looks like a very safe place, Nancy... and don't worry about them being mad at you, they'll get over it! LOL
(Mine stay mad at me lately because they were digging in my flower beds, so they've been "gounded" from getting out! LOL)