Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Chicks!

A while back, before a lot of our chickens were killed, my cousin asked for some eggs to try to hatch. He had gotten an incubator and wanted to try it out. I gave him some eggs and told him to let me know how it went.

This same cousin has been wanting my black sex-link chickens. He had 5 chicks hatch from my eggs. So, he agreed to trade the biddies he's raised from my eggs for the sex-links. Plus, he gave me 3 extra Rhode Island Red pullets. They're the dark red ones you see in the picture. Now, you're probably wondering why I would would want to trade the sex-links. Well, they are egg-eaters. Now, when they free-ranged, they never ate eggs. But, since I have to keep them in the coop and run, they have started eating eggs again. I wanted to get rid of them before they taught my hens to eat eggs too.

Since I had 5 roosters at the time I gave the eggs away, I ended up with some really mixed chicks. They are precious, though. There are 3 who have Polish in them, because they have the top hatter feathers on their head. One of those 3 has feathers on it's feet too. So, that means it's mixed with a Polish and Partridge Cochin. It's the black one.

This yellowish one in the front of the picture below has white specks on it's head that are fluffy, but not really like a top hatter. But, it also has feathers on it's feet. And it has a really funky looking comb on it's head. Kind of like a rose comb maybe?

I am so happy to have some new babies that came from my eggs. Even if they are mutts, lol!


Tipper said...

Seeing your little flock makes me wish I had some chickens. I'm glad you got some new babies.

Montee said...

Those are some cute chicks!

Tatersmama said...

Aren't they gorgeous! I'm glad you got some babies out of your lot! It's a pity about the egg-eaters though - because once the others learn their bad habits, you end up with nothing!
I wish I had some chickens... but if I can ever get my guy to run some fencing, I WILL get my Domineckers!

Terry said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog about Russell Stovers candies yes it was a chocolate dream come true !
This afternoon my husband finally got a half day off work and we went to a feed store in a near by town and it was heavenly they still
had a few baby chicks left ,it was the first time my city feller ever talked about living in the country someday and raising a few little chicks of our own ,as in egg laying chicks.
Our human brood is all grown up and gone leaving us with an empty nest.we had so much fun .I love the feed store it is always like Christmas or birthday or any other kind of holiday for this country gal who married a city feller .

QuiltedSimple said...

What a treat you have in some new chicks!