Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Weekend

The weekend started sad. One of my mom's cousin's passed away. So, we went to her funeral on Saturday. She had been sick for quite a while and hadn't known who I was in years. Still, I was really sad. But, then I felt like I was being selfish. Why shouldn't I want her to go to heaven to be with her husband and my mom. After a while, I decided it was because I had not seen her in too long and should have been there to visit, but kept putting it off. I was feeling guilty. I am happy for her now, cause up there, she can remember things again. She's all better!

Saturday afternoon my oldest and I dyed some eggs. I figured it would be easier without the little one. We made a big enough mess all on our own, lol! We baked too! I tell you about that another day.

On Sunday we had a wonderful time at church rejoicing with family and friends. After church we went to my husband's moms for a great dinner. The kids hunted eggs and played. It was wonderful to see my nephews. But, a little sad since Jason wasn't there. My oldest nephew is way taller than me now! How wrong is that?

It ended up being a great day! What did y'all do for Easter?
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Tatersmama said...

Wow! Look at all the stash the Easter Bunny brought! What a lucky boy!
We just had a quiet day around here, (with the ketchup drowned meal I mentioned) then we watched a bit of Frontier House on DVD... and then I was off to bed by 8 o'clock.. which cnsidering my work schedule, is a REAL luxury!

So share what you baked! I can't wait to see!

Nancy, I've finally figured out that the trick with your blog is just patience.. I go off and make a cup of coffe while it's loading and when I come back...TA DA!
You're worth the wait. ;-)

Paula said...

Sounds like you all had a great day, Nancy!!

Shannon said...

Your little man is so adorable I could just squeeze him!!!
Saw your TV comment on the side. Too bad y'all aren't closer, we have one out in our freezer house. My little sister was going to take it to college and changed her mind.
Happy Easter!!!