Monday, July 27, 2009

VBS - Studio Go!

Our vacation Bible school is now over! Yay! It was fun, but I am tired, lol! We have a small church, but we still had at least 20 children every night. Our theme was Studio Go! It involved different game shows for the kids to star in and learn more about God.

I helped with crafts and also was the official "photographer". I say it like that cause I'm not a great picture taker, but that's what they called me.

We learned some great songs, one of which I shared with y'all last week. A lot of the songs were really catchy and easy to learn.

We had 4 days of VBS and then what they call Survivor Weekend. Saturday we got there bright and early at 8 am and ate breakfast and finished up our lessons for the week. Then, since we were learning about serving others the kids washed the cars of some of the older church members.

Saturday was a day of water fun. Everyone had a water gun or a bucket to throw water on people.

The highlight for everyone was the huge slip 'n slide made of tarps. They also put dishwashing liquid on it to make it especially slippery. Yes, we are THAT redneck, people!

I was surprised they did this again since last year my cousin fell and hit her head and lost her memory for a couple days. She said it's because she was walking on it and shouldn't have been. She wasn't brave enough to get on it again this year, and neither was I. But, my son sure loved it!

The kids and some of the adults spent the night Saturday night in campers, tents, or even some in the church. My son did and said he had a blast! Not me, I told them I was too old for that. I think all the kids had a wonderful time of fellowship and learned more about Jesus too!

How was your Bible school?


Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had a blast! Our VBS is Boomerang Express and starts on Sunday. I'm helping with the recreation rotation this year, which is a new spot for me. Should be fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, That looks and sounds like a lot of fun and I bet your are exhausted! I have fond memories of Bible School from when I was a kid. I also played piano for the kids when I got college-aged. They all called me "Miss Mildred!!!" Sometimes even today when I see them all grown up, they still call me Miss Mildred!

Muthering Heights said...

It looks like you had such a great week!

KathyB. said...

There was a time this would have sounded like fun, but now it sounds like fun for the children and exhausting for adults....made me tired reading the blog! ( not really ) The red-neck slip n' slide looks like fun, might try that myself.

Shannon said...

What slip and slides are redneck? Then we are too, lol. My kids would have loved that!!!! Our last night of VBS was water fun too, the kids loved it.

Tipper said...

Looks like a fun week! Wow what a slip and slide : )