Sunday, November 1, 2009

Magical Disney Sunday

 It's time for Magical Disney Sunday with Heidi from Fairy Footprints In The Sand.  Today I'm sharing character pictures from our trips to Disney World.  I'm sure you know who that is with Mitchell in the picture above.  Here's me and Mitchell and Chip or Dale.  Sorry, I can't tell them apart.  He was probably around 3 then.

This is my friend and Mitchell with Winnie the Pooh.  This was Mitchell's first trip he was almost 2.

Same trip with me and Tigger.  He was scared of some of the characters.

This one is with his cousin and Chip or Dale and Pluto.  He was about 4 1/2 then.

This one is at the same time with his cousin and Goofy.

I know I'm a bad mommy for not having any of Hunter and the characters, but he was scared of anything with masks, so I didn't try.

I Hope y'all are having a Magical Disney Sunday and didn't eat too much candy last night!


Abatevintage said...

Nancy you guys look like you had a blast, what a fun memory and fun pictures. Glad you were able to participate this week. I enjoy looking at your Sunday posts. Have a great day.

Blessings to you for the week ahead,

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and looks like so much for for everyone.

KathyB. said...

Funny...Chip or Dale, Dale or Chip? Looks like you had a great time!

Shannon said...

Love it!!!