Friday, November 20, 2009

Review - The Ultimate Cloth (Get One Free)

I recently had the opportunity to try The Ultimate Cloth. It's a MiraFiber cloth that is eco-friendly and chemical free. The cloth can be used to clean most anything from windows to wood to marble.

My first thought when I touched the cloth was how it felt more paper-like than cloth. It feels like a heavy duty paper towel. However, it's much stronger and can be washed 100's of times. I have washed it once myself and it still looks like new.

The Ultimate Cloth is great because you don't have to change cleaners from surface to surface. It only needs water to clean with, no harsh chemicals. It's a large cloth and when folded you have 8 different sides to clean with before it needs washing.  The price starts at only $6!  That's a great price for something that could last years.

I am going to share some before and after pictures of cleaning I did with The Ultimate Cloth. The first is the before of the island in my kitchen. It had caked on flour and other things stuck on from baking something.

Here is the after. It cleaned this really well.

This is the before of the glass in my french doors. Yes, I know they are really dirty. That's why it was a good test, lol!

This is the after. The glass looks so much better!

The only thing I tried it on that didn't work great, was on my glass-top stove. It did fairly well, but there was still stuff stuck on, that it didn't get off.

Don't just take my word for how neat this cloth is.  How would you like to try The Ultimate Cloth for yourself? There are two ways to get a free cloth, so you can see how great this cloth is for yourself.

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Thanks to The Ultimate Cloth and Mama Bzz for sending me this cloth for free in exchange for review.


Ms. Candice said...

Thanks for the tip! I don't know if I want to pay the $2.99 shipping, but it is nice to get something for "free" :)
Great review!