Friday, February 12, 2010

Review- Knowledge Quest Map Trek: Ancient World

 My son and I both are reading the Bible from the beginning. He has often asked me where a certain place is and I really haven't been sure what to tell him. That's why I am so happy to have gotten  Map Trek: Ancient World to review.   We both love learning about history, so these historical maps were just what we needed!

This comes as an ebook. I don't have to print out the colored teacher's answer maps if I don't want to, so that saves money on ink. The kids maps can be printed in color if you want, or in just black and white.  The only shading is on water, to help children tell where the oceans or bodies of water are.

Included with the maps are lesson plans that are broken down into 3 levels, one for elementary school, one for middle school, and one for high school aged children.  There are different activities for each group of children.  This is great because I can use it for my oldest now, and still have it for his little brother in a few years.  There is also a glossary of terms used, which I found very helpful for my son and I.

This is everything included in Map Trek: Ancient World:
  • 34 Full-color teacher answer maps.
  • 32 Blank outline maps for the student.
  • 4 Grid maps
  • 2 Blank grids (different size grids)
  • Instructions for how to use these maps
  • Lesson Plans
  • Glossary of terms
  • 89 total pages
  • just $14.95
Map Trek: Ancient World can be purchased here.

I was given Map Trek: Ancient World by Knowledge Quest in association with Mama Bzz in order to do my review.



Micki said...

Looks like a great book Nancy! I had never heard of it before this post.

Mommie Daze said...

This sound really neat. My boys aren't old enough for it yet, but I'll have to remember this.

Buttercup said...

This is great -- and not just for kids. Our bible study is reading Samuel 2 and we got into a discussion of the various places that were mentioned and needed some good maps.