Monday, June 14, 2010

Completing Him Challenge- The Dating Days

It's week 1 of Courtney's Completing Him Challenge.  This week we are supposed to share our dating story and pictures.

I met my husband, Ronnie, on December 24, 1989.   I remember it very clearly.  At the time I was in an abusive relationship with his cousin and living in NC.  I visited Ronnie's home in SC often with his cousin over the next few months.

Once I went over there with a friend, but without his cousin, and Ronnie told me he wanted me to date him instead.  He said his cousin wasn't good enough for me.  I thought he was so sweet, but crazy.  See, at the time Ronnie was only 15 and I was 19!

I kept thinking about what he said, and after a month or so, I decided to get out of the bad relationship.  About a month later I moved to S.C. near where Ronnie lived.  We started dating not long after that.

We lived at the lake that summer.  Just about every morning we would drive down there with friends and a lot of times we didn't come back til after dark.  I remember feeling so free riding down the road with the T-tops off and the wind in our hair!  Not thinking about what time it was, or of anything, except each other.  That was the best summer!

We broke up in the fall, but remained best of friends.  We dated a couple other people, but by January, we had gotten back together again and haven't been apart since. 

The next fall I was hurt at work and had to move back in with my mom.  Ronnie was only 17, but didn't want to be apart from me.  He ran away from home to live with my mom and I after much begging and pleading with my mom!  He got a job right away and my mom fell in love with him too. We were engaged in the Spring of 1992.

Courtney asks us what we'd like to regain from those dating days.  I think what I'd like to regain is some of that spontaneity.  We're still very flexible people, but it is hard to just pick up and go quickly when you have kids and pets.  I'd really like for us to have at least a day all to ourselves this summer.


Cheryl said...

Awwww, loved the story. Thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

I am happy you both found each other. Such a nice story!

Have a great day.

nannykim said...

Yikers, so you robbed the cradle ;-). My hubby is also younger than I am , but only by 1 year. You had a romantic beginning and I hope you still are fueling it. I love romance.

Shannon said...

Nancy, I feel like you just took the words right out of my hubs mouth. Just last night he said he wished we could get back the feelings from when we were dating. The spontaneity, the feeling that we would do anything to be around one another. My parents didn't want us to date, I had to move out to be in the relationship. (P.S. He is 3 years younger than me. I wouldn't even talk to him for months because of that, lol. He was 18 and I was 21. I could not resist those blue eyes, the same ones that my 13 year old now has. Levi told me the other day that a girl told him his eyes were so blue that she couldn't stop staring into them....and the legacy continues, lol.)