Friday, July 16, 2010


Anyone guess what we're celebrating?

We saved a lot of our Fourth of July fireworks to celebrate getting Barb and her family moved in.  

Wow!  Was that an effort!  First we reserved a 17 foot Uhaul and there was some sort of mix-up on their end, so they upgraded us to a 26 footer.  We packed and loaded and ended up filling that whole truck.

The only bad thing was there was more left over!  You never really know how much is in a house till you try and fill a truck with it.  The things that were left over that wouldn't fit, we went back and got with our truck and trailer a couple days later. 

I didn't really help a lot on packing the truck because of my foot.  Some of y'all were worried about me and I appreciate it!  I did go and get a tetanus shot, just in case, but it is feeling much better now!

I was wishing for cooler temperatures for the move, but it ended up being in the upper 90's.  My husband just plowed right on and loaded and carried everything.  He's used to working outside in the heat, so it's easier for him.

If you would like to see what Alli's done with the bedroom my husband made for her, visit her blog.

Barb has unpacked most of her stuff now.  No more box mazes in the house, lol!  Now we just have to get used to each others ways.  Barb is more structured and all about lists and schedules.  I'm more a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl.  I've never met a list I liked, well, except a grocery list, lol.  Hopefully with a lot of patience and prayer we'll get along just fine!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, Glad your foot is better. I visited Alli's blog just now and like what she has done with her space. I left her a comment. You all are very blessed to have one another and I wish you all a nice weekend.

Cheryl said...

Glad you foot is doing better!
My prayers are with every one, such big hearts your family has. This shows the real meaning of true friends.

Buttercup said...

Let me second -- or third -- both posts. So glad your foot is better and blessings and good wishes!

Shannon said...

Hope all is going well, your list comment made me laugh out loud this morning! Thanks, you are a great blogger friend. I know if we lived closer together we would hang out. :)