Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book Review: Love, Charleston

Recently I had the chance to review Love, Charleston by Beth Webb Hart.  It's about friendships, faith, and family set in contemporary, historic Charleston, SC.  It centers on three women who are not only related, but also great friends.

Della, Lish, and Ann are each going through different trials in their lives.  From marriage problems to postpartum  depression, the friends help each other face their problems while testing their faith and spirit.

There are several stories going on at once.  I think that was what confused me at first and why it took me so long to get into the story.  From reading the back of the book, I thought there would be a little more romance.  But, mostly there are just the hard problems of life that have to be dealt with.

Since it deals with such hard topics,  Love, Charleston wasn't an easy read.  But, in the end I did enjoy the message about following God's plan for our lives. 

This book was provided to me from Book Sneeze in exchange for a review.