Monday, October 4, 2010

KIDS 'N' PETS Review

I have a messy 3 year old and 2 chihuahuas, so you can imagine the stains on my carpet!  I was really happy to try KIDS 'N' PETS ALL PURPOSE CLEANER out.  It's designed for cleaning up wet, smelly, and messy kid and pet stains.  It not only takes the stain away, but the smell also.

To remove stains, you just wipe up as much as possible, then saturate with KIDS 'N' PETS and let it work for 5 minutes and wipe the stain away.  It says older stains may need to set for an hour or more for complete stain removal.  It can also be diluted and used in a steam cleaner.

I decided to try KIDS 'N' PETS on an old set in stain on a rug where one of my chihuahuas had an accident.  You can see how bad it looked before.

Since it was an old stain, I let it set around 15 minutes.  Then I blotted it up, and I could see the stain lift up onto the towel I was using.  As you can see, it got most of the stain out on one try.  I think if I would have let it set longer, the whole stain would be gone.

KIDS 'N' PETS can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, and many other stores.  Prices vary according to size.  Right now if you LIKE them on Facebook, you can get a free bottle via rebate.  See details here.

I received a free bottle of KIDS 'N' PETS from  KIDS 'N' PETS through Mama Bzz in exchange for a review.