Thursday, April 14, 2011

When Good Dogs Go Bad

Some of you may remember my son's dog Little Ann.  She is a sweet little dog.  She lives outside and has co-existed happily with our chickens for 3 years.  Well, she did live happily with them.  A couple weeks ago we found one of our Brahma hens hurt.  At first we thought a hawk might have tried to grab it, so we looked around for feathers to try and see where it happened. 

We found a pile of feathers beside Little Ann.  I thought maybe it was just a fluke, she'd never harmed any chickens before, so we put the hurt hen in isolation and gave Little Ann a second chance.  A few days later we found another hen dead.  Strangely enough it was the other Brahma hen we had.  Apparently Little Ann didn't like Brahmas.  You know what they say about dogs getting a taste for blood and wanting more.  I guess it's true.

We knew what we had to do, but it hurt all of us to let Little Ann go.  But, even my son knew it was for the best.  We still have one outside dog that is Little Ann's son, but he's in a kennel type thing.  We would have put Little Ann in there, but she can climb any fence, so it wouldn't have helped.  I just don't understand why she flipped on us?

I hope she has a good life at her new place!


Kristie said...

I'm sorry you had to give away your dog. That had to be hard :-( I'm sure she'll fit in with her new family really well :-)

Anonymous said...

Thats sad but I well understand..once a dog gets the taste for killing's hard to break if not impossible...hope she will be happy in her new home and isn't near any poultry!

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh no, it was wild dogs that got our chickens. Well, poo. I sure hope Little Ann is doing well.

Mandie said...

My girls have wanted a dog for sooo long now but I wont let them get one for that reason. I know some dogs will go a lifetime without hurting a chicken but I don't want to take a chance. I am sorry you all had to get rid of him. Your son is very grown up to understand!

Carolyn G said...

Oh no. But you cannot have a dog attacking the chickens. :0( It's the best thing.

On another note, I love you have chickens. I have a friend who has some and I get fresh eggs. YUM!