Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Garden 2011- Update #2

I told y'all about Hunter pulling up our whole garden back about a month ago.  Well, me and Barb re-planted it at the end of May.  It's way behind where it should be, but looking pretty good.  It's sad cause I would have been getting veggies out of it by now.

One of the things I want to remember for next year is to buy the right weed cover fabric!  This year I didn't want to wait to find the right fabric, so we used the cloth-like fabric.  We should have used a different type.  The kind we normally use is more plastic-feeling.  It's not really plastic, but has a different feel to it than the other kind.

The kind we used this year tears way to easily.  It just made a big old mess out in the garden.  I really regret not waiting and getting the right kind.  The other kind works so much better and requires hardly any weeding.  With all the holes in there now, I will have to weed all the time.  Very depressing!


Unknown said...

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