Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Salkehatchie 2011

Front of house
My husband and oldest son, Mitchell, were at Salkehatchie last week.  I know I have told y'all about it before, but in case you don't remember, it's a summer service for teens and adults through the SC Methodist churches.  Each person pays $215 to work on a house for a week.  $200 of that goes directly towards supplies to fix the home up.

Cross with signatures of everyone who worked there
Our church had been wanting to start a camp in our community, but was afraid there wouldn't be enough support.  But we stepped out in faith and God provided in every way!

Ronnie and Mitchell
This is the first time my boys have attended camp and they were lucky enough to be able to attend the first one in our hometown!  They loved it!  Even though the camp is in our town, everyone on the crew stays at the host church to build a team atmosphere.

Ronnie on the backhoe
The first night Mitchell was so worn out he fell asleep as soon as he got back to the church and only got up for a few minutes to eat, lol!

Hunter playing
The family whose home they worked on were so sweet, they even let Hunter come over and see his daddy and brother work, and play with all their grandson's toys.  He loved that.

Ronnie and the guys on the roof
Our Salkehatchie workers replaced the shingles on the home since it had been leaking in a lot of places.  That was the main project my husband worked on.

A.J. and Mitchell painting
Mitchell and A.J. nailed, painted, and worked on the roof when needed.  Everyone was so proud of how hard they worked since it was their first Salkehacthie camp.  This is the first one they could attend since you have to be 14 to go.  Mitchell says he can't wait to go to another one next year.

Working on the back deck
We know the Lord was with us every step of the way!  We got tons of donations of food, water, drinks, and lots of other things.  Another camp even donated all of their leftover lumber.  That allowed us to make a small deck for the homeowners on the back of their home.

The ramp inside the home
The family was so happy to have their home fixed up!  Our crew widened the doors, fixed leaks, and even finished in a back porch like area into a room. They also made a small ramp, so the man in the wheelchair, can get to that new room.

Barb and the ladies in the kitchen
Barb worked every day in the kitchen making breakfast and washing dishes with some other ladies.  I wasn't able to work much at all since I had Hunter with me, but I did take pictures and serve drinks at our closing party.  A local Christian band played at the party and we had a BBQ pig and homemade ice cream.  I ate way too much, but it was soooo good! 

The "new" house from the front
The homeowners had said all week they didn't really feel at home in church, but everyone kept asking them to come at least for our Salkehatchie Sunday.  We were all surprised and happy to see them there!  They said they really liked our pastor, who had helped work on their home.  I am so thankful they came and I hope they will be back again!

A.J. listening to the band

Doing Salkahatchie really touched everyone's hearts and brought them closer to the Lord!  I know next year will be even better!