Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HEXBUG Nano Halloween Zombie Party

This past weekend I hosted a HEXBUG Nano Halloween Zombie Party!   Now, in case you haven't heard of what HEXBUGs are, they are robotic creatures that act like real bugs.  For example, if you place a HEXBUG upside down, it will turn itself back over.

Since we were having a Halloween themed party, I made some spooky foods for everyone to enjoy.  We had Mummy Dogs and Dirt and Worm cups, and more.

We enjoyed a few games like Find the HEXBUG Nano Zombie.

Wrap your partner as a Mummy.

Then we had a competition to see which team could build a Glow in the Dark HEXBUG Nano Habitat set the fastest.

Each team had different ideas.

Here's a short video that shows the HEXBUGs in their Habitat.

They are so fun, that even the adults wanted to take one home with them.  My kids have played with them every single day since they got them.  I can't believe how much they love them!  My oldest said HEXBUGs are at the top of his  Christmas list!

A big thanks goes out to MommyParties and Innovations First Labs for letting me host this awesome HEXBUG Nano Zombie Halloween Party!