Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Kid In The Coop

He sat down to eat, crazy chicken!
A couple weeks ago my cousin gave me a new chicken. He pretty much knows I'll take any chicken he would bring. My place is like a retirement home for hens who don't lay anymore and a halfway house for chickens who don't really have a home, lol! I'll take anything, as long as it isn't mean.

He doesn't understand why I want to take his picture
He told me he was bringing a rooster, but when I got him, he didn't really look like a rooster.  He's kinda in that teenage phase.  But, looking at his tail feathers and the way they fall down, I think he is a baby rooster.  He is all legs!  But quite pretty, I think.  He looks like a full blooded Rhode Island Red.

He said he'd had enough of me, and ran away.
I hope he enjoys his new home here!