Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Visit to Camden

Me on the steps of one of the historic homes
Last month we went on a field trip to Camden, SC. It was the site of several key battles of the Revolutionary War. Since we homeschool, we were able to go right around the time Mitchell was studying that in US History.

Hunter, Mitchell, and me with cannons used in the Revolutionary War
I am so lucky that Mitchell is like me in that he loves history. He really enjoyed walking around and looking at the various sites and wondering how it felt way back then for all the soldiers who were there.

Mitchell in the stockades
We were able to tour several homes that date back to that period in history.  Inside were artifacts that had been unearthed in Camden.  We saw guns, tools, cannons, and lots of other things. 

Hunter and Adam in the stockades, with their feet, lol
We also did a driving tour of the battles and saw graves and homes from that time.  I really loved seeing all those old homes.  The neighborhoods were so cozy and you could really picture how living back then would have been like.