Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Fun

Hunter's present on Christmas Eve
I hope y'all had a good Christmas!  We did!  On Christmas Eve we went to one of my cousin's house and ate.  Afterwards we did a "Chinese Christmas", where you draw numbers, then the first person gets to pick first, and so on.  But, the catch is, the next person, or any person after you, can choose to steal your gift instead of opening a new one.  My hubby tried to hide his gift so no one would steal it!  He ended up getting to keep it, it was a heavy duty flashlight, that bends.  I also ended up with a three set of flashlights.  Mitchell decided to steal a present, so he got a red and black checkered blanket.

Christmas Day with Ronnie's family
On Christmas Day we got up and went to church and in the afternoon we went to my mother-in-law's house.  The kids had a great time with their cousins.  Then we went to see their horses.  My husband loves horses!  He had them growing up and misses them so.  Turns out, Hunter loves horses too!  He kept hugging them, it was so cute!

Hunter loving on one of the horses
Mitchell's favorite gifts were his new gun, his Clemson T-shirt, and his camo backpack.

Mitchell trying out his new gun
Mitchell in his Clemson tee and his new backpack
Hunter got a really cool set of John Deere tractors that he likes, a fire engine, and a racetrack.

Hunter opening his racetrack
My husband and I decided to get ourselves the gift of a new fuel pump.  Our car had been broken for several months.  So, as a family, we couldn't go anywhere, because our other vehicle is a truck with only three seats.  It's nice being able to go places with both the kids again!

Ronnie and Mitchell working on our car
And we celebrated the birth of Jesus with a birthday cake and by singing "Happy Birthday" to Him!

Hunter blowing out the candle