Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update on Barb's Home

Hunter filling in a hole while his daddy digs one
It's been forever since I gave y'all an update on Barb.  You may remember she got a job in July.  Recently they made her permanent part time which means she will get benefits now.  So awesome!

The front porch in the middle of renovation
I also posted that Barb received a used mobile home in the spring.  Well, it turned out it needed more work than we first anticipated.  A lot of the floors needed to be either partially or completely re-done.

They boys bedroom under construction
It also needed painting, a new water heater, new flooring, and new porches.  And the plumbing had to be re-done with new toilets, sinks, etc, etc.  As you can see, the work kept adding up!

The most helpful men ever!
Luckily, we have had a lot of help from our church family.  Which included some cousins of mine, our preacher and a few other men of the church.  They were only able to work on it every so often whenever money was available.  Our "men" included a plumber/electrician, a natural gas installer, an equipment operator, and a jack of all trades.

The septic tank being installed
We They also put in a septic tank and water lines to the home.  I mostly supervised, lol!  Actually Hunter did way more work than me.  He pulled up flooring, and filled in holes.

Mitchell and Adam pulling up the old flooring
We were hoping Barb would be able to move in by Christmas, but unfortunately she still needs new flooring for 3 more rooms, some furniture, and we're hoping the heating system will still work that came with it.

Hunter and the preacher's son watching the preacher put in water lines
I think everything has been done to get it inspected now and as soon as it passes they will turn the power on.  That will make it so much easier to finish the little inside things that are hard to work on now that it gets dark so early.

The main bathroom after being painted
Pray that everything will keep going well, so Barb and her family will be able to move in soon!