Monday, February 20, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 7

Another busy week, sorry, but I don't have too many pictures this week.  If you want to read others gifts, please click on the image above.

133. An old picture of my husband and his brother I found behind the door in my room

134. A jacket Hunter received from a friend

135. A tail wagging friend

136. Receiving a rose from my husband

137. Candy too

138. This crystal teddy bear I got for Valentine's Day

139. Ronnie bringing Barb a rose also

140. Hunter's handprint craft he made in Sunday school

141. Mushroom Chicken mmm......

142. Barb's youngest stepping up and taking up the offering in church

143. A firetruck backpack that Hunter loves so much he sleeps with it

144. Cherry Tree Blossoms in Raleigh

145. Riding around all day in the car with my husband

146. Seeing all the scenery on the "wrong way"

147. Barb's niece being accepted into a job training program

148. Seeing Mitchell's face when I gave him a Clemson cell phone case I found on clearance

149. Medicine that makes make sick kids feel better

150. Watching the race on our Roku

151. A gift of conference sponsorship

152. My Sunday School class

153. Our new-to-us Durango