Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 8

I'm a day late with my gifts for last week, but I've been sick for almost a week and didn't feel like making the post yesterday.  Even though I felt bad, I still was able to find many blessings and here they are:

154. Rocks shining in the noonday sun

155. The tiny bit of snow that I saw in the mountains

156. A gravy biscuit that was delicious

157. A gorgeous waterfall

158. Seeing something in a different perspective

159. Barb getting a second part time job that will help her be able to move in

160. An interesting building in Asheville

161. Going on a girls only day trip

162. Barb finding the things she needed to finish her kitchen

163. The bubbling creek in the mountains

164. Cool, crisp air

165. Seeing a friend I hadn't seen in about a year

166. Hunter catching a ride with my friend's daughter

167. Medicine that helped me to breathe better with my cold

168. Girl Scout cookies

169. Barb trying to walk like an Egyptian a goose

170. A good nights sleep, finally

171. Fudge

172. Alli's smile on our trip to move her to the mountains

173. Winding roads with icicles hanging on the sides of the mountain

174. Having a safe trip there and back

175. This beautiful turkey we saw as we were leaving