Monday, April 2, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 13

Are you counting your blessings? I am! Click on the banner above and join us!  No pictures this week.  I forgot to take my camera with me. 

My gifts for the past week are:

264. Mitchell being baptized yesterday

265. My husband, Ronnie, being baptized yesterday also

266. Our family becoming members of our church

267. Hugs and welcoming from other members

268. The song- This is my Father's World

269. Cheese crackers

270. A creek that little boys love to play in

271. Finding crawdads in the creek

272. A bridge with benches

273. Barb's youngest son's birthday

274. His surprise as he opened each gift

275. My hubby being one of the few people still working at his job

276. How hard he works for our family even on the weekends.

277. Marinated steak cooked by my husband

278. Chilly nights

279. Good sweet and sour chicken I cooked at home

280. My chickens chasing crickets that hop around

281. D.C. dreamin'

282. Planning a trip

283. Watching a cousin's goats play with each other

284. Living in a state with cheaper gas than some