Monday, May 7, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 18

370. My swag bag from 2:1

371. Cream cheese

372. A nap after hubby goes to work

373. All the goodies that were in the swag bag

374. Patientce

375. The ability to hold my tongue (sometimes harder than others)

376. The smell of Honeysuckles on the vine

377. Hunter having fun playing cars in the dirt

378. Cinnamon rolls

379. My Partridge Cochin rooster, Kid Rock

380. A new map

381. New friendships

382. Having fun with an old umbrella

383. My kitchen island

384. Getting to watch what I want on TV

385. Lil Bit my pretty little bantam hen

386. Traffic signs that tell me where to go

387. Lindt chocolate truffle candy bars

388. Mitchell shooting targets with his new gun

389. Fun at a ladies party

390. Wild pink roses