Monday, May 21, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 20

Welcome to week 20 of counting our blessings from above! I hope you're counting with us! Here are some of my gifts from the last week:

408. A beautiful flower holder Mitchell made me for Mother's Day

409. Picking up a toy left on the floor

410. My smile

411. Pink nail polish

412. A week of rain

413. The phone company replacing my router/modem after lightning messed it up

414. Thankfully nothing else was fried in the storm

415. My chicken named Taurus ( hen or roo?)

416. All the greenness after the rain

417. My silly laugh

418. Answers found in His word

419. Hunter finally drinking something after having a fever for a couple days

420. Putting up an outfit Hunter wore as a baby

421. An old toy typewriter that belonged to an uncle who died as a teenager

422. Memories of playing outside as a child with cousins

423. My husband taking the kids off all day on Saturday to an air show

424. Hunter wearing a box looking like a turtle

425. Funny things that happen during homeschooling Mitchell

426. My mother always being there for me

427. Hope found in the Bible

428. A fun baby shower yesterday