Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 21

I'm a day late again for my 1,000 Gifts post.  But yesterday was spent with family and friends!  Hope you had a good Memorial Day too!

My gifts from the past week:

429. The amazement in Hunter's eyes when he sees something unexpected

430. A hawk that landed on our porch railing

431. The power a group has to make a difference

432. Fried squash that was so yummy last night

433. New homeschool materials that aim for the heart and soul

434. The ability my youngest has to forgive so easily

435. Discounted medicine

436. A cookout at our church for Memorial Day

437. The countless men and women who have fought for our country

438. Watching crawdads in the creek

439. My faded camo t-shirt

440. The chicks being let loose to free-range

441. The sweet feet of a 6 month old

442. Memories of a family member that passed on this past week

443. Being able to tape something on the VCR to watch later

444. Hot fudge sundaes

445. Holding and talking to Kid Rock (my rooster)

446. A hen that flies on my shoulder

447. Support from friends and family when needed

448. The jobs my husband and friend have

449. Making chocolate chip cookies with my kids

What are you thankful for this past week?


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