Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Visit to the Pentagon- Remembering 9/11

I'm sure you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on this day 11 years ago.  I was at work at a
bank in Charlotte, NC.  I was devastated and cried the entire day.  Today we are remembering those who lost their lives that day whether in Pennsylvania, New York, or at the Pentagon.

The tunnel we took to visit the memorial
The only memorial I have been able to visit so far has been the Pentagon Memorial.  We visited while in Washington this past spring.  Today I am sharing pictures and some information about this memorial.

One of the benches
The Pentagon Memorial remembers the 184 people who lost their lives when terrorists hijacked American Airlines flight 77 and flew it into the Pentagon.

A bench in memory of a victim and their whole family who was killed
There are benches with the names of the 125 people who were killed in the Pentagon and for the 59 victims who were on the plane.  Each bench has the name of one of the victims and the benches are faced either toward the Pentagon or away from it depending on whether or not they were on the plane or in the building.

The memorial is arranged according to the age of the victims from the youngest who was three years old to the oldest who was 71 years old.  Also there is an age wall with the years the victims were born.  It starts at 3 inches high and goes up to 71 inches high.

The area where the plane hit
Today my family and I will watch a 9/11 documentary.  We try to watch a different one each year.  I want my children to understand the terrible tragedy that happened that day.  Mitchell was barely old enough to remember that day, but Hunter wasn't even born so we'll have to teach him little by little.

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God Bless America!  We will never forget the thousands who died that day and the many heroes who helped and continue to help keep up safe!