About Me

Hi, My name is Nancy and I'm the owner/editor of Southern Blessings.  Welcome to my little corner of the web!

My family
About Me:

I was born and raised in the Carolinas.  I lived and went to school in NC, but after I got married and had our second son, we decided to get out of the city.  We now make our home in rural South Carolina where my family is from and where my husband was raised.  I love living out in the country with all the open spaces and friendly faces!

I have been married to my jack-of-all-trades, Ronnie, for 20 years.  We have two sons who I homeschool.  Our oldest is Mitchell and he's 15 and in full teenager mode.  The youngest is Hunter.  He's 5 and kinda like having three kids instead of just one.  Man, that boy has some serious energy!  When I'm not homeschooling or blogging I like to read, watch my chickens peck around, nap, and take trips whenever possible.

About my blog:

I started blogging about 8 months after moving to SC.  It was on the advice of a friend, just for fun, posting mostly about family, faith, and country life. I meet some of the best ladies online!  I love making friends from all over the world!  I still post whatever comes to mind and also do reviews and host giveaways.  I like working with companies who are a good fit with my blog.

You Can Find Me Here:

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