Thursday, May 29, 2008

CVS - $17.22

Sometimes I do pretty good, and sometimes not. I read you other guys posts about how you get diapers free, or almost free, and I try, but fail! It's not so bad, really. I know I still got this stuff for cheaper than some people, but I strive to be like the posts I read that say $0 oop. At least I have room for improvement! As always, there is a Pepsi missing from the picture and a candy bar.

3 Renuzits $1.50
2 packs Playskool diapers $21.98
2 Colgate 360 toothbrushes $7.98
1 Pepsi $1.29
1 Reeses $.79
1 Edge shave gel $1.79
1 Prep H wipes $6.29
1 Huggies wipes $3.49
4 Johnsons soap buddies $3.96

Total was around $52

$10/50 CVS coupon
-.55/3 Renuzit
-.79 free candy bar ECB
-1.00 Edge coupon
-2.00 Prep H wipes CVS coupon
-2.00/2 Johnsons products
-2.00/2 Johnsons products
-3.49 Free Huggies wipes coupon
-3.00 CVS Playskool purchase coupon
-2.00 Playskool coupon
-7.69 ECBs

= $17.22 oop

$1.00 ECB-Pepsi
$7.98 ECB-Colgate 360
$5.00 ECB-Playskool


Candace said...

Hi Nancy,
I'd say you did pretty well. $17oop, 15 back, not too shabby!

Kaye said...

Great job! I also mutter under my breath when I see people paying $0.00 out of pocket (HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!), but then I remember that it's pretty cool for them and I am saving SO MUCH MONEY from what I once did, even if I have to shell out some cash for a purchase. It's funny that I get frustrated for having to actually PAY for items. =) Spoiled I guess thanks to all of the deals that there are to be found.

You just have to keep perspective that frugality is relative for everyone and as long as your working at it, you are doing a world of wonders for your family by being a good steward of your resources.

And practice makes perfect, right?