Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daredevil's Double Yolk

Remember back when I got my first blue egg? Well, here's another picture if you don't.

I caught the hen in the act.

Her name is Daredevil, because when she was a chick, she would always try to escape. She has grown into a beautiful hen. But, she's still kind of wild at times.

Well, today I cracked the egg and found a double yolk. Her first egg! Since my hens started laying about 2 weeks ago, we have gotten 25 eggs. They are starting to earn their keep! Don't you just love chickens?


2 Much Farm Primitives said...

How cool is this???!!!!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just love your pretty chickens. Once in a while I will get a double yoke. It is always a delight to be surprised like that! blessings, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

The yolks are just beautiful! So is the chicken!


Anonymous said...

That's so cool! I didn't know you could get such a thing as a blue egg!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Wow! Love all your chickens. I just love ours. Whoever thought they could be so fun! I never saw a blue egg before. Amazing!


Rachelle said...

So Nancy -

when are you gonna ship some yummy eggs my way !!! ( just joking) They look like a great size. Double yokes !! So what have you been doing with all your eggs? do you sell them or keep them?
Have a great day!

Juri said...

Yes, I adore chickens! I just love your blog, too! I raise chickens, but I have never seen a blue egg, so that was quite interesting! The double egg yokes, although rare, do happen now and then! Our chicks began laying about one month ago and we are supplying our neighborhood with eggs! Okay, I am going back to read some more of your older posts!