Saturday, September 13, 2008

A frog and a flower

It seems I've been away again. That darn DSL stopped working again for a few days. But it started back working just a little bit ago.

I would have shown y'all this the other day, but the DSL would not cooperate. But, when I went out one morning I found this in the chicken pen.

I'm not sure if the chickens would have bothered him or not. A couple of them were looking at him like he might be tasty, so I got my son to go and catch Mr. Frog. We put him safely away from the chickens and guineas and let him go.

While I was out there I noticed these flowers. Does anyone know what they are? Please ignore all the soybeans in the picture. I am fighting them for control of our property.

The flowers are on vines that run everywhere. They are pretty, but I am not sure if I should be concerned about them spreading or not. What do y'all think?


2 Much Farm Primitives said...

Hey Nancy. These flowers look like Morning Glories to me. I've got some in my yard. Some people hate em.....I think they're actually classified as weeds and do have a tendency to take over, but I kinda like em. I always leave em. In fact, I've got some growing on a old plow....kinda like a trellis. I think they look neat...and they reseed themselves and will come back next year. Here again, IF that's what they are.

Love ya girl,

Anonymous said...

I think Vic is right. They do look like Morning Glories, and I too think they're pretty. They remind me of a book we read to Bee when I was pregnant with Cakesie, about a woman who planted Morning Glories on her windowsill while waiting for her baby to be born.

Bee always called them "Morning Girlies." :)

Sadge said...

I'd say Morning Glories too. They will reseed next spring, and can get to be weeds. I pull the ones where I don't want them, or transplant them to where I do want them to grow. Transplants seem to do better than trying to grow them from seeds I plant. I like them on arbors or along the fence.