Monday, November 10, 2008

Path to Judgement

Every year my church puts on a drama called Path to Judgement. It is about the choices we make in life and where they lead us.

We moved here last year just in time to see it for the first time. It really touched me! So, I wanted to be in it this year. That proved to be a difficult with a little one, but I managed.

The drama starts on a trailer that's pulled behind a truck, kind of like a hayride. The trip is a little over an hour. There are 7 different scenes you are pulled through. They tell different parables from the Bible, but are about our daily struggles. Like lying, gossiping, spreading the Word, and things like that. I was in a church scene and in Heaven. There is also a Hell scene.

It was down in the low 40's the last couple of nights. I bundled my little one up in layers so he would stay warm. We also had a scene with a camper and me and Hunter stayed in there a lot. My other son stayed by the campfire to keep warm, and to roast marshmallows lol.

We ended up having about 300 people come through on Saturday and Sunday. I hope that a lot of those people were touched by our drama. That alone would make it worth-while to stay out in the cold. How many people will make it to Heaven because of you? The song Faces is what was playing in the final scene of Heaven. I want to leave you with the chorus of it.

Then he showed me the faces of the ones who'd come because of me.
So many faces that my life had led to Calvary
All those years I thought nobody saw as I labored in lowly places
That's when Jesus smiled and showed me all the faces.
One day He'll smile and show you all the faces.


Anonymous said...

That sounds really moving and inspiring! I love when churches do creative things like that.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a wonderful thing for the church to do and to teach! Blessings, Kathleen