Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Today we are having our homeschool group's Thanksgiving party. They asked everyone to bring a dish and a table decoration that we made. After looking at a bunch of different craft ideas I found one I really liked at Thrifty Florida Mama.

It's a Thankful Tree. You cut out leaves and write things you are thankful for on them. In the picture on her site, the tree is planted in a pot. Now, I have killed plenty of plants in my time, but for some reason the only pots I could find were huge. Too big for our little project. So, I had to think, something that is hard for me! I found another idea on some craft website about making a pilgrim's hat. So, I thought we would just make the hat and use it for the pot, kinda like 2 crafts in one. It doesn't quite have the right shape, but we still like it.

My son, who can be so incredibly sweet sometimes, said he wished he could send his Thankful Tree to all the military so they would know they are appreciated. I told him we couldn't ship the tree, but I would post it here, so that everyone could see it.

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Amanda said...

how fabulous that your son is thinking of blessing others and letting them know they are appreciated!

Michelle said...

That looks great! Your son is very sweet to think of the military like that!

We made something very similar at one of our MOPS meetings, but it was a "family tree" - it was made out of branches and we had different kinds of leaves we wrote the family names on.

Nancy said...

Your son rocks :)

And I left something for you on my blog :)