Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our weekend

My husband and I have been wanting to be able to hook up our computer to the TV. That way we can watch any movies on my computer or TV shows. We finally got into looking at what it takes to hook it up. And gosh, it can be quite expensive. Instead of buying a gift for my husband he wanted us to use that money to buy what was needed to hook it up.

We had to go 45 miles away to get what was needed to do the hookup since we live out in the country. We bought audio cables and hdmi cords and adapters. Then we had to run all the wires under the house to the TV and computer. I say we like I actually did some of the work. Well I did do a little of the hooking up, but none of the drilling or crawling on the ground. That's just too much like manual labor! I was kind of scared that once we did all that work, it wasn't going to work. But, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm so happy my hubby decided to let us use his Christmas present for something we can all enjoy.

Doesn't it look cool on our big screen TV? This was before we put it back in the wall, so ignore all the wires and the hole in the wall.

That wasn't all we did this weekend. I know I told y'all a while back that we cut our satellite off to save money. We had been using rabbit ears to pick up local channels, but sometimes they would go in and out. So, last week we got an outdoor antenna. It was going to cost $150 for them to install it, but my hubby said he would do it, so we wouldn't have to pay that. We put the antenna up all by ourselves.

My husband wanted it to be really high, but didn't want to have to attach it to the roof. He decided to use the small pipe where the satellite used to be. But we needed more pipe to make it higher. We checked the price on some new pipe and it was going to be $138! So, he found some old rusted pipe, which someone gave us for free. We just had to strip the rust off and we painted it to match the house. It wasn't so easy to hook up all those pipes and get them up. That took a lot of strength on my husband's part. He got up on the ladder and roof to hook it up. No way am I going on the ladder or the roof. Yes, I'm a chicken! I stayed safely on the ground and offered moral support.

After a lot of hard work we got it put up right before sundown. My hubby's TV picks up both digital and analog stations. Before the antenna he could pick up about 25 channels. After putting the antenna up, he can get over 50 channels! That's a lot of channels. Digital TV is so cool. Everything looks so crisp. I love it!


Barb J. said...

Tell Ronnie he did a great job! I am impressed.

Paula said...

Wow!! That is awesome!!

Unknown said...

WOW!!! My hubby soo wants a new TV!

: )


Farmhouse Blessings said...

Wow! I didn't even know you could do that?? Very nice.

We only get 2 channels and don't have the boxes for the new digital so it looks like we'll have none pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

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