Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giveaway- Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy Bars Spa Break Gift Basket

Do you like rich chocolate and smooth coffee flavor? Then, you'll love new Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy bars! Are you getting enough fiber in your daily diet? If you're not sure, you can check out the Fiber-O-Meter and find out. Just one of these new Fiber One bars will give you 35% of the recommended daily allowance of fiber. They are also a wonderful source of calcium.

I was given the opportunity to try new Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy bars for My Blog Spark. They do have a coffee like smell and taste, so if you love coffee, I'm sure you'll love these. My husband gobbled them up! I barely got one bar, he loved them so much!

Would you like to try them too? Fiber One is letting me give 3 of these Spa Break gift baskets away. Each basket will contain a bath pillow, bath salts, a coffee scented candle, chocolate scented soap and lotion, and a coupon for a free box of Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy bars. How awesome does that sound?

There are 4 ways to enter-

1. Leave me a comment saying why you need a spa break.

2. Follow me on twitter and tweet about this giveaway and leave a link to your tweet.

3. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post.

4. Follow my blog. If you already follow me, you will be automatically entered.

*For each entry you are doing, please leave a separate comment.
*Giveaway is for US residents only. I do hope to have something else for my other readers soon!
*Giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday March 25.
*Make sure I have a way to get in touch with you if you win.

If you can't wait to try new Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy Bars, you can download a coupon for $1.35 off a box here.

Good Luck!


Amber said...

I certainly need a spa break! I've got 4 kids under the age of 3 and 2 are newborns!

Amber said...

I'm also following you!

timber3313 at yahoo dot com

Rachelle said...

Oh Nancy do I ever need a spa break!! With nine children ( ages 15 down to one !!) and baby # 10 due in 14 weeks, I could really use a spa break.

Also being on bed rest, one could a spa break and um some chocolate Mocha Chewy bars !!!!


sphinx63 said...

I need a spa break because I'm sick of winter and being cold all the time. Spring is almost here!

Rachelle said...

Ok -

I finally got it !!! LOL , I am following you now!

Have a nice night.

Nancy said...

OMG - I need a spa break because a.) I have 4 year old twins and an 18 month old *grin* and b.) I had a bath pillow like that that I LOVED, but it got a hole!!

Nancy said...

huh. thought I was already following you...well - I am now! :)

Nancy said...

Just tweeted: here.

Jessi said...

I could use it because I've been working my butt off and haven't taken a break in....well, I can't even remember the last time, lol.

Amanda said...

you have the BEST giveaways, nancy! :) i won last time, so that might disqualify me...BUT i'll tell you why i need a spa trip anyway...i mean what mama of two doesn't need a spa break, especially when the oldest one's light has popped on and she has been wide awake at 5:30 the past four mornings (and then NOT napping...UGH!)....far earlier than this pregnant mama can take! :) i already follow your blog.

Dumaurier said...

Ooh boy do I need a spa break, my husband is deployed and I'm here with our two year old trying to stay sane...My parents are divorcing after thirty years of marriage. Sometimes I wish I was little again so I wouldn't know as much as I do!

Dumaurier said...

I follow

bookieboo said...

I have a newborn and toddler who is acting up...I'm in desperate need of a spa break!

bookieboo said...

I'm following you!

cpullum said...

it seem like I never get a break and when I do I end up sick from stress download! Need a spa day!

Elizabeth said...

Hi , I just found your blog and glad i did. I sure do need a spa break, and look forward to following your blog.
p.s. visit me at simplepleasures

Carolina Mama said...

Love this Giveaway. Mama needs a Spa Giveaway - Twin Boys. :) Need I say more. Something Girlie sounds divine.

Carolina Mama said...

Following your blog already. :) Good stuff.

Carolina Mama said...

Love your new Twitter profile pic because I follow you ya know. :)

Anonymous said...

I only go out once a year and thats on my birthday.