Thursday, April 9, 2009

Potatoes and Night Sounds

Today we planted potatoes. I have never, not even when I was younger, planted potatoes. So, I really have no idea if they will make it or not. I hope so, cause potatoes are one of my favorite things! I had read about people growing potatoes in trash cans and tires. We put ours inside a big set of blocks. Then we will build the blocks up when we need to add dirt to it. We'll be learning as we go.

It was dark as we were finishing up and I started hearing the whippoorwills. I love listening to them. I have never saw one, they tend to hide, and I only hear them calling at night. I found this picture of one on the internet. They are pretty and look like they would blend in with the woods good.

We also heard something more ominous. Coyotes! I have thought I heard them before, but, I wasn't sure. This time I could definitely tell it was a coyote. It was kinda scary cause it sounded like it was coming closer and closer. So, we took that as a hint to come inside for the night. The guineas were a hollering. I don't think they like the coyotes, either. Hopefully, they will still all be safe and sound in the morning.


My Blessings From Above said...

Oooh I hope they do well! I was reading about growing potatoes in a trash can. Not sure if I'll try it or not.

Rachelle said...

The easiest way to grow them is to cut each one in half, making sure each half has an eye or two. Leave them out in the sun for a day with cut side up.

Then place cut side in the ground and burry them. Plant about 2" apart You want to keep them well covered. When you see plants and or flowers, give them a good drink.

Keep checking to make sure they are cover well through out the summer.

That's how my grandparents did and they had bushels of them every year !!

Hope that helps, good lick with them.

We love to make chips with them in the winter!


Shannon said...

Yeah, we cut ours also. And then let them dry up, the eyes sprout and then plant them. Keep us posted I am intrigued. It has been too wet here to plant any yet, and we were supposed to plant them back in March.....oh well. We will still try. Keep your fingers crossed, lol.

Sadge said...

Our coyotes sound downright demented. Makes me think twice about walking after dark.

Terry said...

I have been trying to ignore the potatos waiting to be planted all day ,what happens ? :)
I log on to see what is going on in blog land and those potatoes just won't leave me alone .
Happy Easter to you and may all your potato dreams come true.

Tipper said...

Hope the potatoes grow for you. I've been seeing how folks plant them in tires or tomatoe cages-your method you work too. We have coyotes here-they killed on of our dogs. And they are hard on the local cattle too.

Tatersmama said...

LOOK! I made it! I had to get rid of the adobe pop-up and then wait forevevr for the page to load, but at least I can visit with you again!

We bought Kipler potatoes at the market yesterday and while I was cleaning them for dinner, I found a couple with eyes on them! So I'm going to plant them and see what happens! They're so small... I wonder if the plants will be small too?

Happy Easter, Nancy!